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THR 8 Tetra, handheld radio delivers high performance and usability for mission-critical voice and data communication. It has a beautiful large screen which provides the sharpest QVGA display and high battery autonomy. With IP55, THR 8 withstands water, dust and other harsh conditions, making it convenient and reliable for the users to utilize in any surrounding.

1.Large QVGA color display with support for true color pictures
2.Lifeguard, the advanced solution for man down alarm
3.Unique GPS based “Where Are You” application for enhanced user safety and efficiency
4.Voice feedback
5.Configurable menu and short-cut keys for easy operation
6.Water and dust resistant according to IP55
7.Vibrating alert
8.Java™ MIDP 2.0 platform for applications
9.XHTML color browser
10.Support for smart card based end-to-end encryption (option)