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We were selected as a competent authority to develop KOMPSAT 3A’s BUS platform by KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) in March 2010. Subsequently, we obtained the system design technology of LEO utility grade satellite.

Our expertise about the practical satellite production has been upgraded from this technology since we participated in the Korean space project with KARI.

Specifications of the commercial grade satellite applied the system design technology, we obtained from KARI, are as follows.

Mission LEO Earth Observation Satellite with PAN/MS/I
Orbit 530km Sun-synchronous orbit
Mass 1,000kg
Power 1.4kW
Mission lifetime 4 years
Components Structure, EPS (Electric Power Subsystem), TCTM (Telecommand & Telemetry Subsystem), AOCS (Attitude & Orbit Control Subsystem), TCS (Thermal Control Subsystem), Propulsion Subsystem, Flight software, Payloads