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PDHU : Payload Data Hanfling Unit

PDHU is a core device of satellite payload to transmit large input data from observation sensors to the ground station. The transmission of PDHU is processed in real time by high-speed compression, storage, encryption, and channel codification.

We localized technologies of high-speed data processing device for KOMPSAT 3 and KOMPSAT 3A and developed the PDHU which will be applied to the next satellite.

Specifications of the PDHU applying to the next satellite are as follows.

Item Specification
Input Serial LVDS (2Gbps per channel) x 5
Output LVDS (160Mbps per channel) x 4 or Serial LVDS (640Mbps per channel) x 2
Compression standard CCSDS 122-B-1 (DWT / BPE)
(DWT : Discrete Wavelet Transform, BPE : Bit Plane Encoder)
Memory capacity 256Gbits per memory module x 5
Encryption 3-DES
Data output format CCSDS
TC/TM interface MIL-STD-1553B
Power consumption ≤ 300.0 Watt (peak)
Weight ≤ 35.0Kg
Size 652mm x 344mm x 201mm