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Next generation Tetra technology

APT7000 is the world-first TEDS modem that was optimized to SCADA applications and achieved Tetra Interoperability Certificate from TCCA.
APT7000 utilizes the next generation Tetra modems on the existing 25kHZ narrow bandwidth. APT7000 comes in two versions supporting 380MHz and 410MHz, respectively.

Function Data/Messaging Services Short Data Service(SDS)
Circuit Switched Data
Multi-slot Packet Data
Peripheral Equipment Interface (PEI)
Status messaging
Security Services Authentication
Air Interface Encryption : TEA1 & TEA3
Security Class(Class 1, Class 2, Class 3)
GPS Services Autonomous GPS support
Position Information Sending
RF Specification Air Interface Spec ETSI TS 300 392-2 v3.4.0
Bands 380 ~ 400MHz
Bandwidth 25KHz
Data Rates 115.2 Kbps(when 64QAM mode)
RF Power 1W(Hardware 3W Ready)
Receiver sensitivity(static) -112dBm(PM), -114/-107/-102dBm(4/16/64QAM)
Receiver Sensitivity(dynamic) -103dBm(PM), -109/-104/-100dBm(4/16/64QAM)
GPS Mode of Operation : Autonomous or assisted(A-GPS)
Sensitivity : -152dBm
Standard Dimensions H x W x D(mm) 160 x 115 x 56(with heat-sink)
Weight(g) 650
Input power DC 12V
Antenna Road type(Size TDB)
Service Environment Interface 2 UART ports
Antenna connector(SMA type) : TETRA & GPS
DC Input
Operating Temperature ℃ -20 to +55
Storage Temperature ℃ -30 to +75
Humidity ETS 300 019-1-7 class 7.3E