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The SM 2700 is a satellite module that is designed to support VOICE, data/fax, SMS, GPS, and GMPRS. It can be used with diverse solution Terminals such as Maritime, FMS, Aeronautical solutions.

1.Small module available of development for variable application
2.Utilize many solutions very easily and efficiently
3.High technology device at an affordable cost
Dimension Weight 60g(TBD)
Size 72 x 58 x 9.5
RF Feature Frequency L-Band
Communication Duplexing Method Time Division Duplex(TDD)
Multiplexing Method TDMA
Fax and Data 9.6kbps
GmPRS Down/Up Speed 60/15kbps
SAT Modem OS VxWorks
Main Processor SoC
Memory(MCP) NOR Flash : 128Mbits
PSRAM : 64Mbits
External Interface Satellite : RF MCX Connector
GPS : RF MCX Connector
B2B : 100Pins Connector