Satellite Communications Service

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GMPCS : Global Mobile Personal Communocarion System

GMPCS service can be provided anywhere in the world.
AP Satellite Communications’ satellite service business is a GMPCS service that uses a geostationary orbit for our satellites. As a service business, we bring you all the benefits that come with using the UAE’s Thuraya Satellite. AP Satellite Communications was selected as the “Common Carrier” by the Korea Communications Commission on February 2009. Our company will continue to provide the best stable call quality via our domestic and overseas GMPCS service.

GMPCS : Global Mobile Personal Communocarion System
Satellite Communication Service
Voice call -
Data Communication 2.4Kbps/4.8Kbps/9.6Kbps
Fax 4.8/9.6Kbps
SMS SMS (Short Message Service
Positioning GPS ( Global Positioning System)
Value Added Services Multi_party call/call transfer/call waiting /voice mail, etc