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Standard OBC (On Board Computer)

OBC is the satellite control computer that provides platforms for the flight software operating a satellite, and this controls the satellite by collection and storage of Bus and Payload’s full state data and transmits the data to the ground station.

In the past, OBC was developed by types of satellite, such as LEO, a GEO, exploration satellite and Lander respectively. However, OBC development in nowadays tends to modularize each function and standardize communication interfaces because of the cost-efficiency and risks.

We are developing the Standard OBC applying to LEO, a GEO, exploration satellite and Lander in a series of Korea space project.

Standard OBC specifications are as follows.

Item Specification
Processor LEON (AT697)
Internal interface SpaceWire
I/O interface Bi-level, Analog, Pulse
Mass memory capacity 2Gbit
Uplink TC data rate 2kbps
Downlink TM data rate Real-time mode: 4.096kbps
Play-back mode: 1.5Mbps
Weight < 20kg
Size < 350mm x 280mm x 270mm
Power consumption < 80W
Main features -High performance & expandability
-Modular type system architecture
-Standard internal communication interface
-Hot / cold redundancy