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ADS-B is the next generation air traffic surveillance system to broadcast automatically flight information, such as aircrafts’ position, altitude and speed, without pilot’s intervention. The data in this system are particularly transmitted every second amongst aircrafts and ground stations; thus, ADS-B can improve ATS (Air Traffic Service) and pilots’ situational awareness remarkably.

- Air Traffic Services (ATS) improves
- Improve situational awareness of pilots of Air Traffic

ADS-B has two functions, ADS-B OUT and ADS-B IN. ADS-B OUT is air-to-ground and ground-to-ground data communication function by aircrafts’ broadcast, and ADS-B IN is air traffic information reception function by CDTI (Cockpit Display of Traffic Information) for pilots. Particularly, ADS-B GS (Ground Station) provides the aircrafts having no ADS-B OUT function with ADS-B IN service through TIS-B (Traffic Information Surveillance-Broadcast) sever.
ADS-B ground system consists of 1090ES or UAT GS, ADS-B/TIS-B/FIS-B server and monitoring equipment. ADS-B GS sends air surveillance data to ADS-B server and receives air traffic information from TIS-B/FIS-B server. On the other hand, ADS-B airborne or vehicle unit transfers navigational data to other aircrafts and ADS-B GS and displays other surrounding aircrafts’ flight information to pilots through CDTI.

ADS-B System


Our work on the ADS-B system contains equipment development, system integration and operation test, and our system architecture and services are as follows.

- Mounted equipment or portable CDTI
- UAT ADS-B Ground equipment
- 1090ES ADS-B Ground equipment
- ADS-B Monitoring equipment
- ADS-B/TIS-B/FIS-B Server

Telematics Monitoring System

Telematics Monitoring System

Specifications of ADS-B system are as follows.

System specification Contents
Multiple Monitoring link I1090ES (1090MHz)
UAT ADS-B (978MHz)
International technical standards Version1 & Version 2 (FAA/RTCA DO-260B, 282B)
Processing capacity of ground equipmen 4400 target more than
Mounted equipment functions Aircraft mounted equipment (Transceiver)
Vehicle mounted equipment(Transmission)
CDTI (Android OS Smart Devices)
Monitoring equipment functions Remote Control and Monitoring / Local Control and Monitoring
Manifestation of airspace / airport transportation information
ADS-B/TIS-B/FIS-B Server functions Data storage / filtering / forwarding
Communication Coverage Reception 200NM more than
Transmission 40NM more than