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AIS Digital Tech (Under development)

AIS Digital Tech was created to support lack of maritime frequencies and to upgrade the telecommunication speed. It was made to meet the expectations of ITU-R M. 1371-5 and 4S(ship-ship, shore-ship) as an Automatic Identification System. The International Maritime Organization is currently in the process of developing the next generation AIS Digital Tech that adapts e-navigation.

  • 1.Navigation information transmitter
  • 2.Short message transmitter
  • 3.Electronic navigation chart information transmitter
  • 4.Exchange of ship data between the ship station and the coast
  • 5.Exchange of ship data between other ships in the ocean
Transmitting Speed 76.8kbps(25kHz)
Modulation 8-OFDM + 16-QAM
Multiple Access RA-TDMA
Bandwidth 25kHz
Frequency VHF CH 2027/2028 (161.950/162.000 MHz)
Coverage Max 70NM(120km)
Transmission Power <50W (Coast), <25W(Ship)